Samstag, 5. April 2008

Name entwickelte sich aus "Tegeder"

Meine Taeger-Vorfahren stammen von der Elbe um Blecke (Nahrendorf, Bleckede, Barskamp). Der Name entwickelte sich wohl aus Taegeder (1667, Bleckede, Sohn Claus Hinrich dann Taeger), davor Tegeder.

(Prof. Dr. Jürgen Taeger / Oldenburg (D)/11.02.07)

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A rootdigger hat gesagt…

I myself have started a blog. I wish to link to you later, when I cover the surname Taeger that I have found in Oldendorf/Nahrendorf region.

Or maybe even sooner. So far I have stared with Radenbeck and have not covered Neetzendorf nor Nahrendorf.

You may email me if you like, and tell me if it would be okay. I have placed your very good blogsite into my favorites.
Jo Meyer